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›It is probably my nature to live for leaving an impression on people and for being influenced by others.‹ These words I told a new friend a few days ago keep me thinking. I am talking about the gift of providing or receiving creative input and inspiration quite often. Yet in that moment, I meant a rather personal level. It feels like I am ›feeding‹ my hunger with these moments a lot these days—and now I find myself alone at home and kind of lost.

Sitting and talking with this new friend for hours and doing the same with my oldest friend, who came to visit her birthplace Berlin, within the same week has been like a rush. The hunger was calmed and stimulated at the same time. And now, it even feels like an addiction that leaves me empty the very moment I am alone with my thoughts again.

The aspect of influence on each other was a reoccurring motive in our conversations. Such as when it comes to our interest in helping others or the relationship between parents and children. I faced the anger on how much damage parents can create when they are hurting their children. And I also faced the happiness about how much good they can pass on. The way we treat others can leave a huge imprint on them and the way we live up to setting a good example does as well.

I won’t forget my friend’s son’s smiling face sitting on her lap in the absolute same position I sat on my mother’s in the very same kitchen. I won’t forget the unexpected, precious moment when I noticed that you don’t have to be friends for a long time to feel connected and to share the trust you only share with very close people.

It happens to be father’s day in many places of the world today. My father is such a person who left a huge imprint on me. I became a better person through his love and support, his way of life and how he treats others. I am, for sure, a more loving and caring person as I would be if he wasn’t there and if he wouldn’t be here still. His care and support allows me to care and support others. So let’s all remember the circle of how we pass on the love, the hate, the strength, the way we believe in ourselves and others. My thanks go to my father today, they go to my friends and many influential people who empower me to empower others.


first published on Facebook on 2016.06.20

photo / untitled
2016.04.06 in Kyoto, Japan

Canon EOS 6D + EF 50mm f1.4

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