Shooting application photos is something I rarely do. So, when Olga approached me to take hers, I felt intrigued. It might be a rather uncreative form of shooting photography, yet capturing sincere and open as well as confident and friendly faces sometimes require creative sessions—especially when the portrayed person is not used to be in front of a camera.

Olga application photo, Berlin 2017 © Wanda Proft

Olga application photo, Berlin 2017

In this case, we carved out Olga’s personality during a loose conversation. The combination of her natural smile and her elegant clothes created a professional, approachable look that reflected her competence and excellent qualifications. With which, by the way, she found a formidable employment soon after these photos were taken. Olga’s blue eyes are showcased in the cool temperature of the color setting and it’s been a pleasure to take this authentic portrait of a long-time friend. Now, I’m curious about shooting more serious pictures like these. Maybe of you?


commercial / 2017